We guarantee production stability and timely delivery.
We are a proven business partner

Manufacturer of pine plywood


We create components for the production of furniture, doors and windows. We offer proven by producers from the whole Polish furniture boards and pine scantlings.

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Wróbel - manufacturer of children's bed


We make beds for children and youth. All our products are made of 100% natural pine wood and painted with paint safe for children.

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Manufacturer of pellet


We produce high-calorie pellets obtained from dry sawdust and shavings. It does not contain artificial additives and is characterized by high combustion efficiency.

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The constantly growing level of production of pine wood elements and individual terms of cooperation

We invite you to cooperate with producers of wooden furniture, external and internal doors, distributors of children's furniture and individual customers.

Producer of door scantlings


Our own sawmill allows us to use the highest quality, carefully selected raw materials.

Producer of door scantlings

The accuracy of dimensions

We guarantee the repeatability of the serial products, with a precision of 0.1 mm.

Producer of door scantlings

Timely execution of orders

We stick to fixed dates. All orders are executed on time and with attention to every detail.

All our products are made of pine wood obtained from the State Forests

Glued wood
A wide range of glued wood

Products for versatile use in carpentry. We produce glued wood in various forms: door and window scantlings, furniture boards, structural scantlings and others.

Wróbel - producer of wooden children's beds
Retail and wholesale orders

We are constantly expanding our offer with new, unique designs of children's and youth beds. We guarantee constant cooperation and exceptional quality of our furniture confirmed by many awards.

Producer of pellet
High calorific value and a small amount of ash

Our pellet corresponds to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is characterized by a lack of sand, sintered and bark, a small amount of ash and high calorific value.

About the company - Stolarstwo Tomasz Wróbel

Elements for the production of furniture and doors straight from the manufacturer.
We will establish a permanent cooperation

I want to establish cooperation

We cooperate with manufacturers and distributors of furniture and doors from Poland and Europe

We collect positive feedback and we enjoy long-term cooperation with our clients.

Marcin SochaCompany Dremar

I have been cooperating with the Stolarstwo company for over ten years. We receive the ordered goods on time. Quality such as always first class. You can see that the company creates a team with passion and great commitment. Investment in the company are carried out with a view to customers that their orders were carried out faster and better. I congratulate the ideas on the further development of the company and i wish you endurance in their implementation.

Artur Cebulacompany BORY S.C.

Professionalism at the highest level, great knowledge and friendly service. Cooperation with Stolarstwo Tomasz Wróbel began with ordering pine tops palette for the production of our furniture and since then cooperation has developed into regular supplies. Mr. Tomasz and his company are a great team of people. Enthusiasm of the owner combined with outstanding professionalism and knowledge guarantees satisfaction with cooperation. Special recognition for creating great customer relationships, continuous support and continuous work on improving quality and performance. I can recommend Stolarstwo company and Mr. Tomasz with full confidence.

I am very pleased with Stolarstwo Tomasz Wróbel products. There is quality and professionalism. I ordered pine glued laminated timber from several companies and changed them quite often looking for optimal quality and price. We have been cooperating with Tomasz for nearly four years and I REALLY recommend :-). It has met our requirements and the plywood is repeatable in quality, it maintains humidity and dimension.

Joanna Rybacka

Good morning, I would like to thank you for the wonderful bed, for the very good quality of workmanship. And for a surprise in the form of a stool. Both furniture will serve us a long time :). Thank you! We will certainly recommend you.

Maria Nowak

Hello, the Stolarstwo Wróbel company -super service very good quality beds and other furniture made of pure wood super great quality. no problem with ordering with delivery with help in any topic and at any time. A friendly persons to contact and service staff. The missing words are simply ANGELS.

Over 20 years of experience on the glued wood production market

Our development and high production and service standards have been recognized with highlights and awards.

certyfikat Fair Play 2018 - Stolarstwo Wróbel
Stolarstwo Wróbel - Certyfikat FSC
Podkarpacka Nagroda Gospodarcza - Stolarstwo Wróbel Wólka Tanewska